mini-CD "Two-Faced"


Our families for the support and tolerance,
Great thanks to Vlad “Necrofil” Nefedkov,
Igor Kuksov, Vad Aminov, Alex “Pan” Kazakov,
Alexander Kiselev (Jackson rulezzzzzzzz…),
Dimon Mikerin and “Element Of Death”,
Alex “Big Loki”, Dimon Biker,
Den Panchenko (fresh brutal meat),
Andrey Lyskov
Demon Byker
Nick and “Anthropophagia”(Novouralsk),
And all the Fans for the great support…



The feel of demise unspeakable pain
It’s a torrent of disease in critical phase.
Echoes of death resounding in brain
Merging in your threnody of the last days

Lying on wet ground you are ready to die…
Your life is complete…
Screaming in pain… rotting away…Bleeding…
Eternally suffer, cancers reveals..
Internal decay…
Threshold of agony is receiving your flesh forever.

Black processions on infected ground
Burns the corpses in the night
Clouds of pest is darkened the light…
Seeds of darkness in hands of plague…
Revive on burning rotten mess the
Pestilence arise above the skies

Bodies are thrown onto a pile…
Ablaze in fire…
Quarantine contains the massive death.
Stench fulfilled the plague-spot…
Funeral toll…
Portent the beginning of the Total Fall

Repeat chorus.

Rotting…Soul is gone…Burning…

Filth and sewage dominate
The reign of dark is endlessly
Glorious empire is desolate
Areas of pest is boundlessly

Hear the morbid calls
Across the ruins of fire
Polynesic epidemic fall
At cities that burns in pyre.

Repeat first verse.
Repeat chorus.


On the crossroad of fate
You’re confused with assortment
So many Serpents’ ways of faith
How to find the Promised Land?

Bastard “god’s servants” fall in foul
On the fight for the neophyte soul.
The new-born are enslaved and pacified
By the forcible pseudo-religion.

They foretell the eternal life
Fulfill with lie the minds of inferior
The dreams of unprecented future
Is another form of paranoid hysteria?

Ridiculous in their wrong research
Based on own illusory perceptions
Unpardonableness of canonization of self ideas
Lead just on the path of serpent deception

Amoral and disgraceful their maze of self-investigation
This false and unseen deceit is attract the infidel mass.

Their faith is another form of abstraction
Their minds submit to destructive depuration
Desponded victims of self-made illusion
Their life and souls are ready to abusion
Mental lavement is the first step
Into imaginable pseudo-holy reign.

Stalwart of deceitful ways is summon the sheepfolds of believers
Throughout the thousand days grows the echelons of artistic deceivers.

Its sinful paradise is imitation of godness.
The blind genuflection without share of mind
Stone-deaf to the voice of consciousness
Crushing out the foreheads in prays for salvation.

They are preaching the vice, their hearts bleeding black.
Lips whisper just only lie, their souls dwell in the dark.

Amoral and scornful their words of sacred benediction.
Rotten system of regeneration, false priest-Two-faced Janus.

Irregular perception of the holy scrools
Impel to defective comprehend of life
Mental fading, temporary insane
Gradually dominate and enslave day by day.


The blood is irrigate the ground
A final agony is near.
Day of savior’s demise
Soon the darkness will rise
Son of Light Dismissed…
Craving for his decease
Awaiting for an effect sight
They are rejoicing the Satan’s might.

Disgrace the name of god
The king of thorns is never come back alive
You can see the death of Christ is real
The disappointment in god is reveal.

Evil minds now dominate
At those who have lead astray
Human sheepfold enjoy
As a Jesus’ life destroy
Critical Mass Insanity…
Cross of Golgotha await
This victim for the salvation
He is ready to obey to his blackened fate.

Repeat chorus.

Twilight of demi-god is near
Nailed to the cross, no rebirth
Hope to survive is slowly disappear
Denied Nazarene dying on this cross.

Bleeding with crown of thorns
Die on his crucifixion
Second coming of Christ
Now an illusory fiction.


2000 years of proselytion
Real faith or vile deception?
Salutary true believe
Or religious oppression?

New-born under supreme of church
That influence on a weakened brains.

Forcible compulsion of foreign mistrustful conceptions
New forms of the yoke are spreading like a growing pest
Timid steps on a path to a new religion
To succumb without compassion committed to the infliction.

Ancestors desecrate, Shibboleths eradicate,
Ancient rites erased, Pagan gods disgraced.
Despondent souls…..In disarray
Old beliefs…..With force reject
Ritual acts…..Are cast away
Divine regime…..Become a head subject.

Dominance of alien believe
Into heathen hearts and souls
Indocile will be die in grief
By a fair means or foul.

2000 years of the “suasion”
To subvert the pagan faith
Mass religious sublimination
Can’t stop the heathen’s faith.

Sheepfolds with brainwashing minds
With the meekness endure the pain.

Repeat chorus.
Repeat first verse.

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